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NetCamCenter 3.0 CamNebula Free Edition Screenshots

Intuitive, user-friendly interface

3 display modes for power users using a PC dedicate for surveillance or users with 1 monitor using the software with other applications.
NetCamCenter 3.0 One Window mode

One Window mode

NetCamCenter 3.0

Application mode

NetCamCenter 3.0 Kiosk Mode
Kiosk mode

NetCamCenter - supports multiple monitors

Software PTZ

  • Drag and select an area on a video window to zoom in.
  • After dragging an area, a software PTZ window will be displayed and allows you to control the area for zoom in. Just click the button on the left pane to move the red rectangle to adjust the selected area.

  • NetCamCenter software PTZ

  • The video window below shows the area where you adjust the red rectangle to the desired position.
  • Double-click on the center of a video window to display the camera in full screen and double-click again to restore down. If the camera is a PTZ network camera, you can click on a position to move the camera view to center.
Remote viewing

Supports remote viewing with Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari (on Apple iOS).

Silverlight Player
QuickTime Player

Playback recordings with Windows Media Player

Playback recordings with Windows Media Player

Remote viewing with CamNebula Viewer Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone app

remote viewing with Windows phone app

Supports network cameras with IPv6

NetCamCenter 3.0 IPv6 support

Flexible display mode
NetCamCenter display mode

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