NetCamCenter 3.0 Product Comparison

Edition Professional 3 Basic 3 CamNebula Free
Performance Extreme high performance. Designed for organizations with a need for extreme performance and need to store video for a long period. Also help reducing your energy bill and management cost by reducing the total number of PCs needed to run all your cameras. High performance. Provides robust and rich features for small and midsize business.
Webcam Corp video capture card, USB webcams and DirectShow video capture devices USB camera, IP camera
Max cameras / video servers Depends on the underlying hardware and software license. NetCamCenter's unique software architecture can utilize every processor/core and all memory installed.

36 4
Intel Hardware Accelerated H264 decoding CPU+GPU accelerated, about 4 times faster compare to CPU accelerated decoding. CPU accelerated. Based on free H264 decoder. Pro and Basic are recommended If performance and quality is on your priority list.
GPU Accelerated Motion Detection extreme fast   
Smart Motion Detection Significantly reduce false alarm   
GPU Accelerated Image Processing extreme fast  
Assign each camera to record in different video folder or hard drive Video data is huge. This feature allows you to spread the loading to many storage devices for maximum performance and space. Limited to 1 storage device. Limited to 1 storage device.
Maximum number of monitors Up to 4 monitors Up to 2 monitors 1
User access control    
Storage limit Limited by your hard drive space Up to 14 days storage Up to 2 days storage
Maximum concurrent web connections 128 16 N
Supports GPIO for IP cameras    N
Setup multiple usernames and passwords to control access to specific cameras Up to 5
Generates thumbnail images
Built-in Web server
Recording modes Continuous, Scheduled, Motion detection, Manual Continuous, Scheduled, Motion detection, Manual
Remote viewing and playback via the Web
Search video via Web
Remote viewing with mobile phone and tablet *
Cloud drive

  • Supports remote viewing with iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone.